Best Android phone to find a deal for

    Samsung Galaxy S21 / S21 Plus

    The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and S21 Plus may not post as many numbers as the S21 Ultra, but they are still our top picks for Android phones under $1,000. The Galaxy S21 regular model with a 6.2 inch screen costs $800, while the Plus version with an enlarged 6.7-inch display starts at $1,000. Both are often discounted by price drops and bundles so they are great choices for finding sales.
    The Galaxy S21 Plus and S21 Plus are almost identical phones, with three key differences: the screen size, battery size and the materials. The regular Galaxy S21 was reviewed by us and we found it to be very competent, even though it is a slight upgrade over the Galaxy S20.

    Samsung has updated the most important part of the device: it uses the same Snapdragon 8888 processor as the Ultra. This means that the Galaxy S21 should last for many years and not slow down.

    While there are many great Android phones in the pipeline, the S21 is currently the Android phone with the best price-performance ratio.

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