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Best iPhone to buy in 2021


Apple iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 balances a big screen with manageable size well.

Apple has now released four variations of the iPhone 12 than ever before. The regular iPhone 12 is still a great choice, despite all the options. The best smartphone is the regular iPhone 12, starting at $830 for a 64GB version.
The 12 is the same design as the Pro 12 but costs hundreds less. It also comes in five colors, which is one more than the Pro models.
“The iPhone 12 balances large screen size with manageable size very well.”

The iPhone 12 mini has a smaller display and a larger battery, which is a significant advantage. It measures 6.1 inches and is large enough to be able to read text and watch video comfortably. However, it can still fit in your pocket and one hand. It has a very long battery life. You can expect it to last for all day without charging up.

Although the 12 loses the telephoto camera on the 12 Pro Max and 12 Pro Max, it’s still something that many people will not be able to live without. The iPhone 12’s camera system, which is among the most advanced in its price range, is great at almost all tasks. You can also shoot Dolby Vision HDR to create brighter, more dynamic videos.

The Apple A14 Bionic smartphone processor is used in the 12 and it delivers lightning fast performance and fluid animations. The design is sleeker and more modern than the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR which felt dated.

The base iPhone 12 has 64GB storage. However, as with all iPhones, it is not expandable. We recommend the 128GB model for $50 less.

The iPhone 12 is a great choice for many people. It offers high-quality performance, design and camera features while offering reliable battery life for a fraction of the price of other options.

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