Best small smartphone in 2021

    Apple iPhone 12 mini

    The iPhone 12 mini is the best phone for you if you need a smaller phone and can carry it around with you. The iPhone 12 mini is one small phone on the market that offers top-notch features and specs. You don’t have any need to sacrifice performance, build quality or cameras.

    Although it is smaller than other iPhones this year, its 5.4-inch screen can still be used for text messaging, email and web browsing. If you are using an iPhone 6/7/8, it will feel very spacious. It’s small enough to be easily reached with one thumb by most adults. This one doesn’t require a PopSocket.

    The iPhone 12 mini has the same features as the iPhone 12 and the Mini: the phone is identical in design, processor, camera, 5G support, build quality, and other aspects. The mini is just $100 smaller than the larger model and comes at a lower price.

    The Asus Zenfone 8 can be used if you prefer Android. Although it is slightly larger than the 12 mini’s 5.9-inch screen and doesn’t work with Verizon, it offers a similar proposition: excellent build quality, top-notch processing, and high-end features such as a 120Hz display all in a small, pocket-friendly package.

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