Black Widow has been a big hit on Disney Plus

    Here’s hoping Disney releases more Premier Access titles

    Black Widow is the first Marvel movie to premiere on Disney Plus on the same day it was released. According to financial data released by Disney on Sunday, this movie was very successful on streaming services on the first working day. There it can be used as the primary access heading. According to Deadline reports, the film’s box office revenue on Disney Plus was US$60 million, not far from the domestic box office of US$80 million and the international box office of US$78 million.

    Disney first launched the Premier Access program, which allows Disney Plus subscribers to stream a selection of new movies at a price of $30 on the day of the new movie’s release, such as MulanRaya and The Last in 2020. Dragon and Clura will also be available on Premier Access when they are released this year… But these black widow characters are the first time Disney has shared a movie’s performance on Premier Access, Deadline reports, they indicate that despite what they did , Live streaming at home is still a popular way to watch movies. Movies are the choice of many people.

    However, it is not clear whether Disney will provide many movies through Premier Access in the future. The only Premier Access movie (we know) still in preparation is Jungle Cruise, which will be released in theaters and Disney Plus on July 30th. Disney has announced that “Freeman”, “Hisashi” and “Legend of Ten Rings” (Marvel’s next movie) will premiere exclusively in theaters on August 13 and September 3 respectively (although they will have 45 Exclusivity on the day of the screening).
    Disney is not the only company to refocus on early film distribution: Warner Bros. will release all of its 2021 films simultaneously in theaters and HBO Max in 2022, and will re-release movies exclusively on the big screen in 2022. But perhaps the strong performance of Black Widow in Premier Access will make Disney consider releasing these works on Disney Plus in the future. (If anyone at Disney is reading this article, I would be happy to watch “Eternal Race” in the cozy living room when I am out.)

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