The Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con drift problem, explained

    What the issue is and how to get your controllers fixed


    Over the years, owners of Nintendo Switch have been experiencing issues with the console’s detachable Joy-Con controller. Users have reported that strange joystick scrolling issues can lead to erroneous input, and as the original Switch machine evolves over time increase. They are getting old. Since clarifying the Joy-Con drift issue in July 2019, Nintendo has significantly changed its policy. The company will now repair the drifting Joy-Con controller for free, even if your controller is out of the regular warranty period. But Nintendo did not change the layout of the controls, even on the improved Switch model released last year, it is still a problem today. If you are looking for more information about the issue, here is the current situation:

    What is “Joy-Con drift”?

    Joy-Con drift is a problem encountered by Switch users in recent months, which causes the analog sticks on the controller to move randomly and input commands to the console, even if they are not physically moved. "As an anecdote, this issue seems to affect the left Joy-Con controller (usually used for sports in most games) over the right half of the controller group. Although, there are reports of users experiencing it on two joysticks. A quick (and extremely unscientific) survey among Verge employees revealed that some Switch users reported that multiple controllers have encountered this problem, while others have never encountered it, which seems to be reflected in Reports on the Internet.

    What causes Joy-Con drift?

    There are two potential causes of drift: some users attribute the problem to dust or debris entering the controller, and the rubber cover is designed to keep the interior clean; others have completely disassembled the controller and found worn contacts, which may be due to duplication Problems caused by use. It is also possible that these theories are incorrect, or a combination of factors that cause the club to change over time. If Nintendo does not clarify the situation, it will be difficult to know exactly what went wrong.

    How do I fix the issue?

    As mentioned above, the cause of the problem is not fully understood, so it is difficult to repair. One possible solution is to make sure you are running the latest Switch software or recalibrate your analog stick to make sure it is not a software issue. Some users have also tried to use compressed air or isopropanol to solve the problem, although it seems that success has changed a lot. Others have taken more thorough steps to completely replace the joystick, which is a more difficult solution, and if it works, it will void your warranty.

    What is Nintendo doing about impacted controllers?

    After being angry about the issue in July 2019, Nintendo has started repairing the affected controllers for free. Vice News reported that Nintendo has instructed its customer support team to repair the Joy-Con controller for free and refund the previous repairs even if the warranty is no longer available. Nintendo now even has a dedicated area on its support website for handling Joy-Con repair requests-just fill in the form and Nintendo will coordinate your return, confirm the controller is faulty, and repair or replace the controller-otherwise , Nintendo provides a standard warranty period of 90 days (for accessories, it seems to include the Joy-Con controller purchased separately) and 12 months (for the console, it seems to include the Joy-Con controller that comes with the Switch). "Nintendo provides repair services, but it is not cheap." If it is not covered by the warranty, Reddit users have previously reported that the cost of out-of-warranty repairs is $40, which is almost the cost of replacing a single Joy-Con controller. (They are priced at $50 individually or $80 in pairs.) So far, no extension of the driver’s warranty has been announced. When the problem first came to light, Nintendo commented: At Nintendo, we are proud to create quality products and continuously improve them. We are aware of recent reports that some Joy-Con controllers are not responding properly. We want our consumers to have fun on Nintendo Switch. If there is anything that fails to reach this goal, we always encourage them to visit so that we can help.

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