Windows 11 comes with a new recommendations feature for settings, services

    Windows 11 offers many interesting features, including a new starting menu, notification center, and upgraded Windows settings applications. However, some of the default settings may not give you the best performance and chances are you will play with the default configuration.

    If you make modifications that are not recommended to Windows 11, new notifications will now appear in the application settings that advise you to restore changes.

    For example, you can change the default power settings to stop the deadly screen at all. Windows allows users to choose different preferences when the device uses battery power and when plugged into resources. If you set one setting for “Never”, the following notification will appear:

    • The screen is set to never turn off, which uses more power.
    • Sleep is set to Never, which uses more power.

    This warning will include the action button, allowing you to switch back to the recommended settings. That means you can click the action button to turn off the “Never” option for screen settings and sleep.

    It should be noted that the desktop only has the option plugged into the time limit, while the device with the battery will have access to two screen timeout options: battery and plug in.

    Recommendations will not be limited to the original Windows 11 settings. For example, setting applications can also display reminders when you subscribe to Microsoft 365 you will expire. As you can see in the screenshot below, Microsoft 365 Alerts will appear in the Settings of the Home Application.

    “Microsoft 365 immediate expiration. Turn on the bill to keep your subscription,” The Read Alert, and it includes a new action button that allows you to update the subscription or activate recurring bills.

    Storage Health Recommendations

    Windows 11 is also equipped with default features that will warn users if their SSD NVME drive is disturbed by hardware problems. Notifications will set up users for the worst and give you enough time to copy data to another cloud drive or storage.

    For now, this feature is designed to work with Solid-State NVME drives, but maybe Microsoft will add support for more drives in the future.

    Warnings will appear through the application settings and the notification center, and will recommend users to back up any data on the SSD for clear reasons. Notifications will open the disk management panel in the settings, which will include more detailed information about storage drive health.

    In addition to improving this quality, Windows 11 setting applications are also equipped with new features of the control panel and support for advanced personalized control.

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